System accessories

Auxiliary compressor and suction unit

to accelerate the material during the processing or to exhaust the air off the tray to densify the damming, automatic control by the blowing machine is optional

Suction barrel and accessories

The exhausted material is gathered in a reusable filter bag. An optional trolley eases moving the barrel.

Cable remote control

Cable drum (40 meters cabel), connection cable (2,5 meters) to merge the switch box and cabel drum, switcher to control blowing machine or auxiliary machine, switcher with following functions: compressor on / off / material and compressor

Crossover power cable

from CEE 16A to "Schuko" 230V

3-channel-radio-remote control

3-channel-receiver: 433 MHz: 24 V power supply through switch box of the blowing machine, connection cable, aluminium case, functions: blow-in material - off - blow air, connector for additional machine
3-channel-radio-transmitter: functions: compresser on/ off / material and compressor on, range approx. 100 meters (depending on terrain)

measuring and test control units

Officially recommended testing cage to detect the proper material-density,
gauge indicator to determine the thickness of the blowed-on insulation,
manometer to control the pressure in the bucket-wheel feeder,
machine and power supply tester for blowing machine 230V

Machine bases

with slot suitable for fork-lifters, with drill holes to mount the machine on a trailer or truck

Transport rollers

rugged transport rollers to mount under the machines framework

Rotorblades and sluice tabs

in different formats for all blowing machines

Generator ZELLUMAT 12000

alternatively for petrol or diesel with 230 / 400 V