Hoses & hose accessories


Feeding hose for transportation of the damming material, lightweight, wear-resistant polyurethane-hose with outer plastic coil, smooth inner surface, marginal frictional resistance, hose length 20 meters


rigid polyethylene-hose to insert into trays, wavy inner surface, excellent swirling of the material while blowing in/on, extended frictional resistance enhances loosening of the damming material, hose length 15 meters

Hose connectors

to connect hoses of the same nominal size

Crossover hose connenctors

to connect hoses of a different nominal size

Hose clamps

for secure fixing between the hoses and the connectors or couplings

Quick-connection couplings

Fixed coupling to mount on output connector of the bucket-wheel feeder, hose coupling for blowing hoses, reduction coupling for crossing over blowing hoses, coupling bar to easily tighten or loosen the connection between the couplings

Hose drums

Stable hose drums with ball-bearing, adjustable brake and lock, base with drill holes and handle bars, the drums are self-supporting and can be shifted with a fork-lift, available with 1200mm and 800mm diameter;
sub-construction for trailer mount to extend storage space below and to easier unroll the hoses

Floc switch

for rational processing of the damming material, full passage of the material, ground plate with mounting slots, switchable under pressure, rugged construction, quick-connection coupling for blowing hoses

Deaerated wall junction

quick and secure fastener with eccentric lock, dust-free air-refeeding through dust bag, optimized material-spreading through expanded output, hose connector 3", recommended drill hole diameter 105 mm


for suction

Hose trackers

quick and easy mounted loop with retainer, low frictional resistance while handling the hose through the curved loop, less dust in the room air due to the marginal gap between hose and tracker, recommended drill hole diameter 105 mm


Carbide tipped drill, cutting depth 60 mm, centric drill and holder are exchangeable, capable for flake boards, ply wood, coated wooden boards, fiber boards, PVC, fiber glass, gas-aerated concrete, gypsum boards and other


to fill closed constructions: turning pipes, blowing-in pipes, angled blowing-in pipes