Special Offer for the month july :

Inspection for you machines 120Euro 99 Euro


5% discount for arising expenses by repairs

Don't hesitate to call our technican Mr Cremers

Phone: +49 02366 184796







We have a new location: Since January, 1, 2005 we moved into our new office and workshop in Herten

  • The new address is: ZELLUMAT GmbH, Am Handwerkerhof 3, 45701 Herten

  • The new telephone numbers are: Telephone: + 49 02366 184796 and Telefax: + 49 02366 184964


Among the selling of floc pumps ZELLUMAT inherits the whole consulting, order processing and service for the product group of the SHS Systemtechnik für lose Dämmstoffe.


The powerful and efficient standard blowing machine SHS 1-200 / 230V

  • Included in delivery: framework with material tray and loosening shaft, bucket-wheel feeder, compressor 2 x 1 KW, dynamic air control, material batch slider, on-top box with bag bearing, 30 meters of remote control cables, remote controlling switch, crank handle for material dosage, manometer, operating instructions, hose clamp size 75

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